The mission of Prana

Food security is a major concern in Ethiopia. The country often experiences drought, crop failure and food shortages. Many people in Ethiopia rely on small-scale agriculture and lack access to modern farming methods. Moreover, as the demand for food increases, intensive agricultural practices cause environmental damage such as deforestation, soil erosion and loss of plant and animal species. All these problems make it difficult to produce food sustainably in the long term.

Prana wants to provide food while taking good care of the land and the people. In the long term, we envision the development of a mixed farm with different crops, agroforestry and livestock. We hope to enable small-scale farmers in the area to adopt similar sustainable farming practices by sharing knowledge, but also by making machinery available. In addition, Prana aims to have a positive impact on the local community by creating jobs, especially for women and disadvantaged groups.

Farmer Esayas wants to do his part to solve this problem for his community. The idea of founding Prana started in 2013, when he was studying and working in the Netherlands. If you would like to know more details about the story behind Prana, its future plans and the team members, click below.

How did the crowdfunding come about?

Setting up a farm in Ethiopia brings its own challenges. High inflation, unpredictable weather patterns such as drought and heavy rainfall, and difficulties in obtaining agricultural supplies and equipment make it difficult for Prana. From the Netherlands, Prana is supported by a small group of entrepreneurs, many of whom have an agricultural background. The support from the Netherlands consists of coaching from Esayas and a start-up capital for the farm in the form of a kind of microcredit and with no financial interest of its own. This start-up capital made it possible for Esayas to get the land under government management, buy his first materials and realise his first harvest on a small part of the land.

The next step to realise Prana’s vision is to increase the cultivation area, which would create more jobs, produce more food and make the farm self-reliant. To do that, you need mechanisation, which is not available in Ethiopia. It is also impossible there for a starting farmer to get an affordable loan. As much as possible is done with the funds that are available, but these are not enough to realise the vision. Through this crowdfunding, Prana can take the next step and help other local farmers facing similar problems.

"Esayas has dedicated himself hard with us at Ekoboerderij de Lingehof. Therefore, I would like to give something back to him by supporting Prana."

André Jurrius

Organic farmer

"Education and nutrition are prerequisites for development. That is why we support Esayas. First, our agricultural knowledge is shared with him, after which he shares it with the community. We think Prana can act as a flywheel for Sodo and (maybe) beyond."

Johan en Ebertine Jurrius

Farmer and Teacher

"It is important to have good examples of sustainable farming systems in Ethiopia to produce food, but not at the expense of the environment. Prana is going to be the first example in Sodo!"

Linda Calciolari


"It is and feels good to support Esayas in this way. I got excited after meeting him in Ethiopia during his farm search."

Hendrik Brons

Involved citizen

"We know Esayas from the time he studied in Wageningen and also worked on André's farm. How wonderful it would be if, partly through this croudfunding campaign, Esayas can expand Prana and make it profitable. Many people will then be able to participate and also eat along!"

Peter en Ans Jurrius

Former arable farmers

Items to purchase price
Water sprinkler
€ 3.000
Seeds, seedlings and organic fertilizer
€ 4.000
Shelter building in the field
€ 5.000
Five cows and five oxen
€ 6.000

What's your contribution?

The idea of the crowdfunding campaign is to support Prana to grow and make an impact. It focuses on equipment and seeds for arable farming. If the farm’s arable branch is up and running, it could contribute to Prana’s further investments in sustainable and social goals of its vision. At the same time, Prana wants to make the equipment available to surrounding smallholder farmers who would otherwise not have access to it, thus supporting the local community. The table lists the items we still need to purchase, for which your contribution will be fundamental.

You can donate here!

Here you can make your donation to Prana through Victory Foundation, Dutch foundation with ANBI status (Find more at: Scan the QR code or transfer directly using the information below.

Victory Foundation
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