Banana cultivation

In this video you can see some of the banana plants we grow at Prana. Their growth is within average, but not yet at the full potential. This is due to water shortages which are currently a limiting factor. Increased economic stability will allow us to provide more irrigation to the plants, in turn speeding up their growth and increasing their overall health.

Cassava cultivation

Here we show you a part of our cassava crops. In total, we dedicate approximately 2 to 3 hectares (out of the 10 hectares of our currently cultivated land) to cassava production. This plant is highly resistant to harsh environmental conditions. In fact, its foliage remains green even when grown in soils with water or plant nutrients’ shortages.

Avocado cultivation

In this video, Esayas is showing one of the avocado plants grown at the farm. It is still at a young stage of growth and, as in the case of banana plants, its growth is limited by water shortages. However, we are working hard to keep the avocado plants healthy during this delicate phase. Here you can also see how tall were the avocado trees when we first planted them.