Crowdfunding updates

April 2024 - New tractor

We are happy to share with you that the crowdfunding managed to collect about half of the money required to buy a second-hand tractor! To obtain the other half, Esayas decided to sell his car as a personal contribution to the purchase. The tractor is working well and it was obtained from a neighbouring farmer. This way, we could save on shipping costs. Thanks to the new tractor we can now cultivate larger areas of the farm.

Check it out!

You can still contribute!

We reached the first milestone, but we still have a long way to go. Your help is needed to be able to obtain materials for further developments of Prana. Every donation, big or small, can create an impact on our farm. We made a list of resources that we will be able to access thanks to your contribution, you can find it in the crowdfunding page. Click below to donate now and become part of Prana’s driving force!

Prana's last activities

April/May 2024 - Maize fields

We have used the new tractor to sow maize of the variety BH-546 in some of our fields and it is growing well! It will take approximately 120 days to obtain a harvest. The purpose of this cultivation is to produce animal fodder, bread and alcohol for human consumption. It is aimed mainly at the local market, but we plan to sell it also to countries nearby Ethiopia. Currently, we are looking for people who can help us remove weeds in the maize fields for a few hours a day.